Meet Suzanne

and her Journey of Shaman teachings...

It is so amazing how I was synchronistically introduced to a new road on my journey.  It has been 20 years since my intrigue magnetically created the first steps to where I am now in my Shamanic practise.

It began with my introduction to energy healing.  I have always known the healing power of touch, thinking positively, being of service and awareness of how a beautiful interaction from the heart can affect those involved.  After learning about many energy healing modalities, I was ushered on the wings of intuition and a knowing, to open my holistic practise.  

As I offered hands-on healing my intuitive style blossomed.  I simply began allowing myself to be guided.  My introduction to Modern Shamanism came at the exact perfect time.  I was ready.  It was no surprise this was the teachings of Inka Shamanism as my attraction to Central and South America has been obvious as long as I can remember.  I have always been drawn to explore Latin America.

Once I completed the teachings of Modern Shamanism in Canada, I knew I had to discover and experience it more intimately.

I have traveled to Peru 5 times working extensively with two amazing Inka Shaman, and to Guatemala  far more times, working with a gifted Mayan Shaman.  They have shared their teachings, ceremonies and sacred sites authentically from the heart.  From these wonderful  experiences I have felt and seen the beautiful results.  This healing way is to be shared to help those ready to reconnect on a deeper level with their light.

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