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    The simple touch is the most healing act.
      One Soul sharing its light with another,
       can restore a Soul. 
                                                Rudolfo Anaya                                                                                                                                                              


I settle into the beauty
of the Shaman within

Suzanne's Journey...


I was introduced to Reiki almost 30 years ago while volunteering in a hospital in Belarus.   The doctors were so impressed with the benefits the treatments provided that I had to know more.  After a career in Social Services,  I graduated from the Holistic Health Practises program and trained in various natural healing modalities.  I began sharing my holistic skills professionally over 20 years ago, and continue to grow and shift as I journey forward.  It is my honour to have met traditional Shamans in various  countries, and receive wisdom, teachings and training from some very humble and gifted Shaman from Peru, Guatemala and Canada.  I feel joyful as I settle into the beauty of the Shaman within, and share with love and openness.  I am  keen to promote wellness in the full sense of the word.  Healing and reconnecting on a spiritual, physical and emotional level creates a balance that is essential in life.  I am passionate about my work and am grateful to be sharing it with you.


Shamanic Energy

This powerful energy treatment is a complete healing experience that blends Shamanic practices with intuitive hands~on healing techniques.  Sacred Space is opened to create a beautiful healing environment, then the music is dowsed to bring in the exact sound and vibration to honour a loving,  relaxed release of all that no longer serves you.  I unwrap my beautiful Mesa and ask  which healing instruments wants to be invited in to take part and offer up their own unique energy.  Once everything is in place the aromatic  Agua de Florida used to cleanse you, and loosen up all to allow for a gentle release of energy blocks.  Now we begin the hour long hands~on treatment.  Once you receive all that is needed, Sacred Space is closed.  To complete this beautiful treatment I will perform a remote  healing attunement three days later.

For more detail please look in Energy Treatments.

Reconnecting Body, Mind and Spirit 


Connect more intimately with your essence

by exploring on a deeper healing level,

your heart, soul, spirit, mind and body.

Reiki Master Teachings

I wanted to write and thank you SO MUCH for a 'magical' two days!!!  It was soooo interesting, empowering and enlightening!!!
I learned so much from you!!!

I feel privileged and blessed having acquired this knowledge and the ability to further my journey with Reiki. 


Hands-On Treatment

Thank you for a wonderful treatment.   It was pretty amazing actually, in the following several days I felt a noticeable weight had been lifted, that dark somewhat oppressive thing I was aware of in the periphery is gone, and my neck felt better than it had since it went acute 5 years ago.  Pretty incredible!  


Akashic Record Consult

Information from my Akashic record has helped me in all areas of my life in a most powerful way... more than what I ever imagined.  They have helped me along on my journey to discover my true authentic self and define more clearly my Soul's purpose.  


It is my honour to offer these treatments and classes

Shaman Energy Balancing

This 1 1/2 hour session is a  unique,

powerful and gentle healing treatment 


Shamanic Reiki Treatment

This 1 hour session offers a deep and effective healing treatment


   Akashic Record Consult

 Loving guidance for your Soul's journey

1st Degree Reiki Class

Reignite the energy within for

yourself, and to share with others


2nd Degree Reiki Class

Learn how to offer distance healing energy


Creating Sacred Space Class

Create your sacred space to meditate, connect deeper  within yourself and just Be


Accessing Your Akashic Records

Connect with the Wisdom of your Soul's journey


Reiki Master Class

Fully step into your journey of

awareness, growth and intuition


Reiki Kids Class

Develop your intuition, awareness and confidence

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Akashic Record Consultant Class

Assisting others with healing, transformation and growth


Online - 1 Hour Meditation Class

Shift from doubting to trusting your ability to access your Akashic Records

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