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Connect with Your Own Power

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

On my third trip to Peru, we were in a little town having lunch when the Shaman we were travelling with asked if he could introduce us to a friend. He lived close by and had made some beautiful healing tools that he wanted to show us. Willko guided us to his friend’s home where we were smudged with Paulo Santos as we entered. Once in, he shared many of his beautiful handcrafted Healing items. The energy of love palpated from these unique creations.

I was guided to a beautiful condor feather wand. It had a hand carved wood handle with a unique etched seed, made into a rattle at the end. The majestic condor feather stood tall with two smaller ones in front. It felt magical as I held it in my hand. I wasn’t sure how I would use it at the time but I knew that it was meant to return home with me.

This wand taught me how to connect with its healing energy, and I used it with every treatment I offered. Through so much use the vein in the large condor feather weakened. Although it was lovingly repaired, finally one day it completely broke. I was devastated and wondered how I would do my work without it.

Then it whispered a very clear message to me. It was time for me to create my own feather wand. It was sent to me to teach me about its power and show me how to use it, but the day came when I was to trust my own intuition and power and make this healing wand my own.

I love to travel and connect with healing places and people around the world. I had collected some very amazing feathers on my travels that I knew would be perfect for this wand.

A beautiful blue feather lay on the ground in front of me while on a trek in the jungle in Uganda. I can feel a piece of my heart still there as the energy, the people and the land has taught me so much. I had the true honour of volunteering with Sleeping Children Around the World three times in Uganda. My time in this country has taught me the healing power of gifting unconditionally, and of the amazing energy of gratitude.

Arctic Henge is located in one of the most remote and northernmost villages in Iceland. It was while exploring this area that I found a beautiful white feather. Arctic Henge is a magical place, full of mystery and sacredness. It is built around the folklore and the magical knowing of the Elves of Iceland. We were the only people there and the timing was perfect to create our own ceremony to set our intention of receiving wisdom, awareness and healing. To add to the beauty and its attraction, Iceland is also the home of the Imagine Peace Tower. This special location was chosen to erect this tower as Iceland is ranked as the most peaceful country.

While in Ecuador I spent time in a quaint retreat situated a few steps from the ocean. The owners Kate and Lynn, created their vision of beautiful healing energy by constructing a labyrinth, a therapeutic sand art area and an open air yoga studio. During a meditative walk on the beach I found an amazing candy floss pink flamingo feather. I could feel the gentleness of this feather and how it would influence healing treatment. It was truly a gift.

Together with a bright Blue Jay feather from the forest behind my home in Canada, and the condor feather of Peru, I have created my own healing wand by putting together the energies of these five feathers.

I am trusting my energy, my intuition and my abilities as they come together with this beautiful wand created in Peru and new energies added to it in Canada from around the world.

Wishing you a Magical day!


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Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Jun 22, 2022

Beautiful, what an incredible journey you are on

Jun 22, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much Chris for taking the time to read about my experiences!

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