What an honour to have the opportunity to share these teachings, knowing your wellness journey will be enhanced by learning these  modalities for yourself, as well as for your friends and family.  Be prepared to add some magic to your life!

 Your spot will be reserved at your workshop after you have notified Suzanne of your desire to attend and have paid a deposit fee.

These dates don't work for you? Let's chat to come up with the perfect date for you and at least 2 or more of your friends, to enjoy the workshop that is calling for you to receive the teachings.  I would love to be a part of your wellness circle!

Exploring You... A Journey Into Yourself

This interactive workshop will encourage you to connect more intimately with your essence by exploring your heart, soul, spirit, mind and body.  This workshop will be offered over 5 weeks, where we will share in thought provoking presentations, discussions and time to let your creativity flow. Using a set of untouched Russian nesting dolls, you will have fun expressing each of the 5 parts of you, by creatively using paint and other artistic items to reflect yourself into one of the wooden dolls each week.  You will be encouraged to journal this exploration of self over this 5week journey. Be prepared to  open your heart, hear your soul and listen to spirit!

Workshop Fee of $195.00 includes set of 5 nesting dolls, creative supplies, journal, manual and certificate

Date to be announced



Setting Sacred Space

Would you like to go one step deeper in creating a beautiful sacred space? Whether you use your space to offer healing treatments, or if it is your space of meditation, a place to read or simply be and live, opening Sacred Space will enhance its beauty, warm feeling and create a focused space for your intuitive connection. Exploring your personal introspection, Learning more about the 6 directions,  your intimate connection to each, and how to welcome in the amazing energy of each to fill your space will be the bases of this day. This will be an interactive workshop where meditation, journaling and a Fire Ceremony will all be experienced. You must be ready to walk in the forest and spend some time outside around a fire.

Workshop Fee of $150.00 includes lunch, manual and journal

Next Class: Saturday February 13th 9:30 - 4:30 

Feel free to bring your drum or rattle if you have one.  Otherwise I will have some here to share for the day.



First Degree Reiki 

Reignite your healing touch by learning the ancient art of Reiki.  We all have the ability to offer healing touch.  You already do it every time you give a hug, place your hands over a child’s cut or massage a headache.  Being attuned to Reiki enhances our touch and reconnects us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Increase your confidence and gain a better understanding of your ability to make a difference to your own well-being and those you care about.

In the First Degree Reiki you will learn: * The History of Reiki * Reiki principles * Benefits of Reiki * Hand positions for a treatment * The Chakra System * Personal benefits  

You will enjoy an interactive workshop. Be prepared to gain knowledge and have fun! 

Workshop Fee of $125.00 includes manual, certificate and lunch.

Next Class: Saturday January 30th 9:30 - 4:30   

Second Degree Reiki

Prerequisite – First Degree Reiki 

Now that you have experienced the benefits of First Degree Reiki, would you like to know more? Join this workshop to further enhance your energetic connection and ability to offer healing.  This Reiki level will focus on learning how to affect healing from a distance.  You will learn how to combine Reiki energy with powerful symbols to create a deeper healing opportunity. 

In the Second Degree Reiki you will learn: * How to offer distance healing * Benefits and various forms of distance healing * Three empowering symbols and their uses * Putting the symbols and hands – on treatments together * Personal benefits

You will enjoy this interactive workshop! Be prepared to gain knowledge and have fun! 

Workshop Fee of $150.00 includes manual, certificate and lunch. 

Next Class: Saturday March 6th  9:30 - 4:30

Reiki Master

prerequsite – Second Degree Reiki 

The Reiki Master Workshop is for the person who is committed to their personal and spiritual growth, as well as a desire to offer a more profound healing technique to others. Gain a deeper awareness of your role as an energetic being working in harmony with others. As each person takes the Reiki Master teachings and increases their personal vibration, this adds to the vibration of the whole planet!  This workshop will focus on learning how to offer the attunements for all levels of Reiki, as well as the Healing Attuement.  

 In the Reiki Master workshop you will learn: * What it means to become a Reiki Master * Two new symbols and their uses * How attunements work * How to complete a Healing Attunement * How to complete Reiki Practitioner Attunements

This is an intense workshop and is completed over two days with a follow-up class three weeks later. This follow-up class will be used to complete your Reiki Master training after you have become confident with your attunement skills.

Workshop Fee of $425.00 includes manual, certificate and lunch 

Next class : Friday April 2nd and Saturday April 3rd 9:30 - 3:30

This is a 15 hour workshop.  The final 3 hours of this class will be completed on a future date determined by participants.

Accessing Your Own Akashic Records 

Learning how to read your Akashic Records can be a valuable tool for your own personal growth journey.  This is a skill that can be easily learned, and will offer you great benefits.  The more you practise, the deeper the information you will receive.  The Akashic Records are the energetic recording of your soul’s journey, including past lives, present and future.  Through your questions, you will connect with everything about you, including who you have been and who you can become.  Have you ever wondered why you continue to attract the same situations, partners, events into your life?  Through connecting with your Akashic Records you may gain a clearer understanding that will allow you an option of moving past these life lessons. 

Workshop fee of $150.00 includes manual, certificate and lunch.

Next Class: Saturday February 27th 9:30 - 4:30

Akashic Record Consultant Level 2

You are already feeling the benefits of accessing your own Akashic Records, now it is time to go deeper!  Are you ready to begin accessing the Akashic of others so that you may share the wisdom of their Records with them? Assist others in resolving unhealthy patterns in their lives, offer them the information that can give them clarity and a deeper understanding. Accessing your own Records is a sacred process, to be invited into the sacred space of another person’s Akashic Records is extremely honouring.  All living things have an Akashic Record.  We will explore this further by spending the last part of the day with horses and receiving messages from their Records and sharing them with their owners.

Be a part of facilitating healing, growth and transformation in others.

Workshop fee of $250.00 includes manual, certificate and lunch.

Next Class: Saturday March 20th 9:30 - 4:30

Reiki Kids

What better way for your child to enhance their confidence and increase their self esteem!  Children between the ages of 6 -11 will have an exciting day learning about their ability to follow their intuition, and be the leader they truly are.  Learning how their touch can encourage healing for both others and themselves, will be the focus of this day long workshop.  They will be taught what Reiki is and how it works through fun activities, as well each participant will receive their own manual.  Each child is invited to bring a bag lunch for themself. 

Workshop Fee of $75.00 includes manual and certificate

Next class: Thursday March 18th 9:30 - 3:30

The simple touch is the most healing act.  One Soul sharing its light with another can restore the Soul.        Rudolfo Anaya

(2017) Suzanne Dobinson, Shamanic Energy Practitioner 705-436-2818