The Setting Sacred Space workshop today was amazing and very deep.  I think I will be processing for a while.
I absolutely loved the fire ceremony and the opportunity to practice ourselves.  I am so grateful to to have this tool and look forward to practicing it daily!  Thank you again!
Blessings and Light!!!  Michelle 

I experienced Reiki with Suzanne. It was amazing. It is so hard to explain but it was emotional, spiritual and enlightening. I liked how, as Suzanne did this, she spoke of what she was feeling and sensing within me. As I laid with my eyes closed, tears flowing, I felt like I was taken on a journey with nothing but different paths for me to choose. I live in Nova Scotia so I have not had the opportunity to experience it again but hope to as I would love to see the journey it would take me on again.  Donna

Just wanted to say thanks again!  I am always in SUCH good hands with you.  I trust very few people with my emotions. I am sure you have been told before, but if not, your a very special lady and I really appreciate the work you do! 

Big Fan, Suzie

Thank you for all of the work you have done with me.  I have learned a lot, shed many tears and grown a great deal.  I know you will continue to be instrumental in my self growth.  I have felt a sense of comfort with you from day one and that is of the utmost importance.  You have also introduced me to others who have guided my journey and for all this, eternal gratitude.  Ann

 I have had a pretty profound week. your classes have been a huge part of my journey and wouldn't you know that since our last class on the weekend, the biggest shift happened.  I can never thank you enough for sharing and teaching and guiding others. You have an amazing talent and gift. Thank you for being a part of my journey!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Andrea

 I’ll give you an update from my treatment last week.  I felt the difference all last week…can’t remember the last time I felt a touch better to be honest.  On Sunday I could feel myself getting worn down again and the back pain increased and my breathing a little more constricted.  Still better than what my normal has been for over a year but not as good as last week.  I’m anxious now to see what improvements will be made at our next visit too.  Thank you for what you did yesterday and for giving me an ounce of hope again.   Sandy

The simple touch is the most healing act.  One Soul sharing its light with another can restore the Soul.        Rudolfo Anaya

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