Magical  Peru

The 2016 Spiritual Explorers visiting amazing Machu Picchu.

TV Interview on "That Channel"

Suzanne organizes and leads group trips to Peru, where she has the honour of working with two amazing guides.  This is a two week travel experience where 9 days are spent working with Willko and Edgar.  Both men are a joy to spend time with and are knowledgeable,  professional guides.  Edgar is a trained Tour Guide with a wealth of historical information that he shares on Peru and its many amazing archaeological sites, and energy vortexes.  Willko is an Andean Paqo (Shaman), who shares spiritual and energetic history with the group, as well as guides their healing journey with ceremonies and attunements.

After 5 years of working together in Peru, Willko traveled to Canada for the first time in 2017.  While in Canada, Willko and Suzanne were invited to be guests on "The Jacqui Dee Show" on That Channel.  For a wonderful snapshot of the amazing experiences of the groups who have traveled to Peru with Suzanne, take an hour and watch the following episode.


The simple touch is the most healing act.  One Soul sharing its light with another can restore the Soul.        Rudolfo Anaya

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